May 24, 2012
St. George, UT

I'm Pitt Viper, aka "Ken Nelson". My son, Molasses Kid (Brian), and I spend most weekends competing in one shooting game or the other. We do SASS, USPSA, Multi-Gun, IDPA, and Steel. Plus some we just invent ourselves.

We started shooting in 2008, and quickly fell in love with it. But I was very bothered by all the paper I saw. And the long delays for scores. I volunteered to be the stats guy for my USPSA club. I sort of hoped, WRONGLY, that my wife would see me doing a crappy job entering scores and take it over. That sympathy never came, and I then found myself entering hundreds of scores. And I knew now why there was the long delay.

PractiScore, mobile scoring for USPSA/Practical Shooting, was born after that first match I scored. It's been out for over a year now and has been used successfully on many USPSA matches, including Level III Area matches (430 shooters).

After a bit of USPSA shooting, we started competing in our local SASS club (Dixie Desperados) and hit the score delay again. Spoiled by a year of instant scoring, I knew something had to be done. Hence, ACES - Automatic Cowboy Easy Scoring was born.

We decided to make a different app because the SASS game is pretty different from USPSA, and also because we wanted to make it follow the SASS model of looking/feeling/sounding "Old West". We hope you like the imagery and sounds in ACES, they from the great artists we have here at NiftyBytes - my app development company.

A word about NiftyBytes... its main business is building apps for businesses. Scoring software is a labor of love for us. We hope it makes enough to cover the time/energy. To help with that... if your company needs an app, think of NiftyBytes (

Finally, I can't say enough about the folks (to numerous to mention) that have helped us wring the problems out of ACES and also helped guide how it should work to properly integrate into SASS match and posse operations. In particular, I'd like to thank T-Bone Dooley and Honey B. Graceful, out of the awesome Badlands Bar 3 Ranch in East Texas for their assistance. One weekend spent with them, scoring the inaugural SASS Senior Games event moved ACES along more than I had in the last month.


Pitt Viper
"Ken Nelson"
pitt at acesscoring dot com