V1.2.1 *** Make sure to backup match data before updating ***

Fixed a crash with other version of Android

V1.2.0 *** Make sure to backup match data before updating ***

Added - Security so a device can only score
==== NOTE: This version will not sync with older versions ====

V1.1.4 *** Make sure to backup match data before updating ***

Fixed - export match button not opening email.
Fixed - crash when importing from Roundup and the date could not be parsed.
Fixed - crash when date could not be parsed.
Removed - duplicate open with Aces entry.


Fixed crash in scoring view when a user score has never been entered.

V1.1.2   *** Make sure to backup match data before updating ***

Fixed - stage numbering so it starts at 1
Fixed - issue where app would not load if score file saved without scores
Fixed - issue where if all shooters were in Posse 0 the shooter list would be empty
Fixed - category issue where the abbreviation in reports was showing wrong name.
Added - Shooter score on shooter list page.


Fixed bug when importing Roundup from email when the file has been downloaded.


Improved score result speed
Added Roundup support
Added Sass Premier support
Allow modification of categories

Fixed sorting on ties from alphabetical to time
Fixed a few walk-on issues

V 1.0.4

Added - Confirmation when user checks Spirit of the Game
Added - Tap and hold to delete Bonus Targets.
Added - Find other devices in sync tab
Added - Auto-decimal so user can type 1234 instead of 12.34 into scores
Added - Better score posting to Acesscoring.com

Changed - Bonus target default value to 5
Changed - Time at bottom of scores tab to "Final Score"
Changed - Sync page defaults to numeric keyboard
Changed - When creating a start the stage number is auto-incremented
Changed - User will now be alerted when a match time is below 10 seconds or more than 2 minutes.
Changed - Deleted shooters will not show up in results
Changed - Default target count to 24 from 14

Fixed - SASS Premier Scoring System import
Fixed - Improved sync speed over network
Fixed - When viewing the detailed results, the scoring displays rank only for both the rank and time scores.
Fixed - Slow loading between Enter Score ->Stage -> Posse

Removed - Popup when creating a shooter when they did not enter name and SASS number.