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ACES makes scoring easy, fast, and fun. No matter the match size, you can have stats done shortly after the last shots are fired. The good folks who used to tap in thousands of scores can now join in the fun - both during and after the match. ACES runs on iPod Touches, iPads, and iPhones. And in July 2012, on Androids also! Learn more...


You will be surprised at how easy ACES is to use. Sure, there is a manual, but only the stats person for the match will want to read it. You can hand a device running ACES to almost anybody on a posse and they can score - it's as easy as the paper sheet they were using. It works like this? score, sync, print, post. No computer is needed - it all happens in the app. Learn more...


With ACES you can post scores to the web with a click of the button. This can be interim scores (without rank points or standings - just for verification) or the final match results. One click. Done. The scores can be embedded in your website, or exported for use as you see fit. Find matches...


Available for $25 bucks. If you have a 3 posse match, then find 3 members with an Android, iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch and have them download the app. Use it to score your own personal practice or bring it to matches and show everyone how easy it is to score quickly! Purchase Now!

2012 SASS US Open Scores

Scores for the 2012 SASS US Open are available!